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CL-UVR Corneal Cross-Linking

Model : CL-UVR Rapid

CL-UVR Rapid is the new cross-Linking machine redefines very fast treatment approach. The Rapid CL-UVR System offer more homogeneous beam and an adjustable energy level to allow very good results.


  •   User Adjustable Power/Energy setting
  •   Dual Aiming beam assisted focusing
  •   Homogenized Radiation System
  •   Variable beam diameter for different corneal diameters
  •   Motorized Fine Focus
  •   Ultra efficient LED cluster system
  •   Video assisted procedure
  •   Timer with Pause/Play option
  •   Higher working distance
  •   User Programmable memory (U1&U2)
  •   Rigid Mobile Floor Stand Mount


User Interface : LCD Display
Wavelength : 365 nm
UV Power : 0.7 mW/cm2 to 30mW/cm2 (User Programmable)
Working Distance : 65mm
Spot Size : 6-11 mm
Timer Adjustable :

(User Programmable)

Dual Aiming beam : 635nm, 1.0 mw (Adjustable)
Power Requirement : 110-240V AC,60-50Hz
Net Weight : 32 Kg
Gross Weight : 45 Kg