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Glaufield Lite

Model : AP901 CTS SWAP
  •  Field Explorer v 4.0 Software for Result Analysis
  •  Multi-Colour Stimulus Presentation
  •  Flicker Perimetry for Early Diagnosis
  •  Gaze Tracking
  •  Auto Trial Lens Calculation  
  •  Auto Pupil Size Measurement
  •  Networking

Test Strategies & Patterns

StrategiesPatternTypical Application
Screening or Supra Threshold Full Field General
Fixed Supra Threshold Standard Full General
Contour Supra Threshold Quick Full General
Three Zone Supra Threshold Central 30 General
  Glaucoma General
Threshold Central 10 Macular Retina
Full Threshold Macula Fovea and Macular Retina
Fast Threshold Central Cecal General, Glaucoma, Neurological
Full Threshold Fluct Vertical Meridian Neurological
  Quick Central (= 24) Glaucoma, Retinal
Combination Ptosis Ptosis, Blepharitis
  Custom Pattern General
Guided Progression analysis (GPA)

A message in simple language that indicates whether statistically significant deterioration was identified in consecutive visits.

Visual Field Index (VFI)

A Simple and intuitive global index to determine percentage of field loss on every visual field.


Gaze tracking:

Uniquely tracks patient’s fixation angle and prints the Gaze error to help the doctor judge test quality



Patients test results and other data can be transferred electronically to the admin management, in order to maintain tracking records.


Additional feature of Pupil measurement can be deducted while doing the test


Stimulus Characteristics
Stimulus Size Goldman III Size
Method of Presentation Rear Projection LED Static Perimeter
Luminance Range 0.01 to 1000 Apostilibs (50 to 10db)
Number of stimuli 133
Color Green & blue
Duration 0.2 to 5.0 sec in 0.2 sec increment
Interval 0.3 to 4.9 sec in 0.2 sec increment
 Screening Fixed, 3 Zone & Contour Screening
Threshold Full & Fast Threshold
Fixation Monitors
Electro-optical Monitoring Video Monitor
Heijl Krakau Fixation Control Blind spot Method
Mosaic Attention Monitor Sensor Method
Stimulator Screen
Radius 30 cm
Background Luminance 31.5 Apostilibs
Chinrest Movement Dual Chinrest ( Up / Down Movement )
Operator Interface Touch Screen, Key Board and Mouse
Printer Laser Printer (Supports All Kinds of USB Printers)
Analysis Software Field Explorer 4.0
Central Field 5 Patterns
Full Field 6 Patterns
Dimension in mm 650(H)x480(W)x500(D
Weight 31kg
Power Supply 110v - 230 v AC, 50/60 Hz