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I Chart

Model : HD Smart
  •  User Friendly
  •  Maintenance Free
  •  Compact Remote Control
  •  Easy Navigation
  •  22Inch Full HD
  •  Wide Range of Examination
  •  Favourite Charts
  •  Default Chart
  •  Multimedia
  •  USB Port
  •  Red/Green Options
  •  Subcharts
  •  Random Option

Technical Specifications

Display Type
22 Inch LED Backlight
1920 x 1080 @ 60 hz
Chart Window Size
477 X 268mm
Contrast / Brightness
3000:1/250 Cd/m2
Standard Chart Type Letters, Numbers, TumblingE, Pediatric, Landolt C, Languages, Contrast, logMAR, Snellen Chart, Crowding Bar, Single Row, Single Column, Single Letter, ETDRS chart.
1ft to 20ft (1mt to 6mt)
Special Chart Type Astigmatism, Fixation Target, Fixation Disparity, Amsler Grid, Polarization Test, Vernier Acuity, Pelli-Robson Contrast Test, Lea Symbols,Lea Numbers, Phoria Test, Railway Test, Signal Test, HOTVX Test, Worth4Dot, Cross Cylinder test, Fan and Block Test, Dot chart, Aniseikonia, Ishihara, Duo Colour for all charts etc.,
Advanced Features
Favourite charts, Default chart, V/A Scale, Update
Dimensions (h x w x d)
504 x 304 x 44 mm
Images, Video, Animation (USB Support)
Distance of Installation
1M - 6M (Step by 1 Meter)
Chart Change Over Device Remote Control
Weight 5.5 Kgs (approx)
Standard Accessories Remote Control, Multipurpose Screws-2
Optional Accessories Floor Stand