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LED Auto Chart Projector

Model : ACP-E30X
  • Bright and Clear images
  • Faster and Silent Operation
  • Remote Operated
  • Decimal notation
  • Large choice of opto type for different diagnostic needs
  • Different masking [ single, vertical & horizontal ]



To test the patients visual acuity such as Myopia or Hyperopia using 31 different opto types with provision to vary the projection distance from 2 to 6 Mts. 

Auto chart projector provides improved acuity; clear image projection and fast chart change over.

  • Long-life LED LAMP
  • Compact and lightweight 


Refraction distance 10 ft (3 m) to 26.5 ft(8m)
Projection distance  Min.7.4 ft.(2.3m)
Max.30 ft.(9.2m)
Projection magnification  30X  (in 5m refraction)
Number of test charts 31 standard test charts
Masks Red/Green, polarization,Single horizontal lines, Single Vertical, single Letters and Single numbers.
Mask change- over 1 frame/0.02 sec.
Chart change-over 1 frame/0.03 sec.
Tilt range of projector ±15°
Automatic switch-OFF  After 5 min. without Operation
Projection lamp 3.2V LED LAMP
Program step Max 30 Steps available
Power requirements
Line voltage 230V,±10V
Line frequency  50 Hz
Line fuse 4A, slow blow/230V
Ground wire Instrument to be connected Only to proper outlets with correct ground wire
Power consumption 50W