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Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier

Model : GALAXY - LEO

Technical Specifications

Display 19'' Tiltable & Anti-Glare Interactive soft touch clear LCD Display
U/S (Ultra sound):
Hand Piece Light weight, 6 crystal, Longitudinal & Transverse (ORBITAL MOTION) Frequency 28 KHz, with the Effective hand piece.
Phaco Modes ORBITCOOL, Continuous, Pulse, Micro Pulse, Burst, Mburst, Occlusion Pulse, Occlusion Micro Pulse.
U/S power 1 -100%
Positive Pressure Appasamy Associates latest technological innovative Forced infusion pressure system for chamber maintenance.
Automatic and Customer Setting IP Option.
Gravity Fed Motorized IV pole to Increase & Decrease the IV bottle height.
Aspiration Modes:
Type Peristaltic Pump in (Linear/ Non-Linear)
Vacuum Level 5-650mmHg in (Linear/Non-Linear)
Flow Rate 1-50CC/min (Linear/NON-Linear)
Type Bipolar, 560KHZ frequency.
Power 1-7W(max)
Control 10-100%(Linear / NON-Linear)
Cutter Type Pneumatic/Guillotine,Single, 60-3000 CPM (Linear / NON-Linear) 20G, 23G, 25G Compatible. (In-Built Compressor for Anterior Vitrectomy)
User Programmable:
User 10 Independent user program modes
Operating Modes U/S1, U/S2, U/S3, I/A1, I/A2, I/A3, CAPVAC, DIA, VIT.
VFI 1-50 psi
Voice Assistance Voice assists for the all modes & functions.
Footswitch User Programmable Multifunctional & Foot Pedal for Angle & Side Buttons with reflux mechanism, Different steps sensed by Vibrating mechanism.
Video Overlay Video overlay & recording function enabled in all modes.
Dimension 180cm (H) x 72.5cm (B) x 55cm (L)
Weight Console - 80kg, Accessories - 30kg.
Electrical Specification :
Main power 110-230V AC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Current Rating


Power Rating 250 VA (MAX)