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Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier

Model : GALAXY PRO - P
  • 10.4” clear view LCD with touch screen
  • Phaco modes: Continuous, Pulse, Micro pulse, Burst, Occlusion pulse, Occlusion micro pulse
  • User programmable Ultrasound Duty Cycle
  • Rise Time: Progressive Aspiration, Turbo Aspiration & Supreme Aspiration
  • In-built system of Anterior Vitrectomy, Diathermy & Video overlay

Technical Specifications

Console Portable & Light weight console.
Display 10.4" soft touch LCD Display.
Voice Voice assists for the all modes & function.
Profile Five Independent profiles with 9 program modes for each surgeon profile.
Operating Modes U/S 1, U/S 2, U/S 3, I/A 1, I/A 2, I/A 3, CAPVAC, Vitrectomy, Diathermy.
Vacuum 5-500 mmHg, Linear/Non-Linear
Aspiration type Peristaltic
Flow rate 1-40cc/min
Phacoemulsification Frequency 40KHz, with the Effective slim lightweight hand piece.
Phaco Modes Continous, Pulse, Micro pluse, Burst,Occlusion pulse, Occlusion micro pulse.
Micro-pulse Varies from 5-50 micro pulse/sec with User Programmable duty cycle (from 2ms to 10 ms ON time)
Rise time Rise time 1, 2 & 3 for progressive, turbo & supreme aspiration.
Vitrectomy High speed cutter with Single cut, & repetitive cuts from 60 to 2520 cuts/min Cutter Pneumatic guillotine cuttter
Cutter pneumatic guillotine cutter - 20g
Diathermy  7 watts
 Video overlay function parameters enabled on surgical video in all the modes.
 Footswitch Mode increment, Decrement, Continuous Irrigiation & reflux button.
 Trolley Ergonomic Mobile trolley
 I/V pole manual and motorized I/V pole
 Dimension 395 mm(L) x 410 mm(W) x 196 mm (H)
 Weight Net - 9kg,
Gross - 30 kg.
Electrical Specification 
 Power Supply 110/230V AC, 60/50 Hz, 6 A (max)
 Power consumption 150 Watts