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Posterior Vitrectomy

  • 10.4” clear view LCD with touch screen
  • Anterior & Posterior Vitrectomy with maximum 5040cuts/min
  • Dual independent LED illumination
  • Pneumatic drive for viscous fluid injection with fixed controlled pressure
  • Vacuum controlled viscous fluid extraction

Technical Specifications


  • Traction free and controlled Vitrectomy surgery by higher cut rate optimized system for MIVS and MICS linear and non-linear Vitrectomy.
  • Flexible customization of settings to suit individual needs consistent bright powerful led light through 20g, 23g & 25g(optional) endo probes.
  • Effective silicone oil injection and extraction mode ready for Phaco and fragmentome surgeries.
  • Function parameters enable on surgical video through video overlay function multifunctional footswitch with dual linear control.
User profile 5 Users with 11 program modes.
Display 10.4" soft touch LCD display.
Irrigation gravity fed,motorized control and manual iv pole. 
 Power 7 watts 
 Diathermy Probe type Endo & Exo probe 
Illumination Source
Lamp two independent LED 
Intensity Range 10-100% variable 
Hand piece 40 KHz frequency,slim and light weight. 
U/s mode continuous, pulse, micro pulse, burst, om pulse. 
Fragmentome mode continuous,pulse & micropulse. 
Micro pulse variable from 5-50 micro pulse/sec with user programmeable duty cycle(from 2 ms to 10 ms on time). 
Air injector
Pressure source internal medical graded air pump.
Pressure range 10-100 mm Hg.
Silicone oil injection pressure  80 psi. (LIN/NLIN)
Silicone oil extraction vacuum 600 mm Hg (LIN/NLIN)
Electrical Specification
Power Supply 110/230 V AC 60/50 Hz,6A(max)
Power Consumption  150 W 
Other Specifications
Pressure Source external pressurized air/gas 
Mobile trolley  mobile trolley with motorized & manual IV pole 
Dimensions(L * B * H)  395 X 395 X 196 in mm  
Weight  net 12 kg and gross 30 kg