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Refactor Head- Manual

Model : AA 201
  • Subjective type Refraction Testing Equipment manual Refactor with High Quality Lenses.
  • Smooth, accurate measurement of Spherical and Cylindrical features, superb range of Auxiliary Lenses 
  • Unique Cross Cylinder Configurations, Convergence System allows Optimal patient Examination 
  • Both side of the lenses are Anti-Reflection Coated  


Measurement Range
Spherical power  -19.00 D to +16.75 D  in 0.25 D step 
Cylinder  power 0  to -6.0 D  and  0  to -8.0 D ( with auxiliary cylinder lens at -2 D)
Step  0.25 D 
Cylinder Axis  0° to 180° in 5° step 
Cross Cylinder  ±0.25 D 
Rotatory Prism 0 to 20△ in 1 △ step
Pupillary Distance  adjustment 50 to 75 mm in 1mm step 
Forehead Rest adjustment 16 mm 
Vertex Distance 13.75 mm
Finish Color gray &  black
Content of Auxiliary Lens Dial
\ open aperture
“R” retinoscopic lens +1.5 D
“P”  polarizing lens (45°-left eye & 135°-right eye)
“WMH/RMH”  maddox rod- horizontal  white (left) red (right)
“WMV/RMV” maddox rod- vertical  white (left) red (right) 
\"GL\"  green lens 
“RL”   red lens
“PH” pin hole 
“OC”  occluder
Physical Parameters
Dimensions 340 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 290 mm (H)
Weight  net 5.0 Kg and gross 7 Kg