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Slt laser

Model : 208
  • Nd:YAG Laser
  • Laser wavelength 532nm
  • Super Gaussian Mode
  • Q-Switched Mode of operation
  • Energy Delivery    Single Pulse
  • Energy    0.3mJ – 3.0mJ - Variable
  • Pulse Interval    < 3 ns


Laser Nd:YAG
Laser wavelength 532nm
Mode Super Gaussian
Mode of operation Q-Switched
Energy Delivery Single Pulse 
Energy 0.3mJ – 3.0mJ - Variable
Pulse Interval < 3 ns
Spot size 400 Microns
Pulse repetition frequency 2.5 Hz
Aiming beam Laser diode approx 635nm
Power 5mW( Continuous Variable )
Cooling Ambient Air
Magnification 3 step / 5 step
Interpupillary distance 53mm to 75mm
Eye pieces 12.5X  
Illumination 12V, 30W 
Slit adjustment 0-14mm
Slit length Ø14.0,10.0,8.0,5.0,3.0,2.0,1.0mm
Slit rotation 0°-180°
Filters Cobalt Blue and Red free green
Power supply 110 - 230V ~ 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimension Weight 37 kg (approx.) 86 cm X 52 cm X 51cm