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Wireless indirect ophthalmoscope (LED)


Features :-

  •  Unplugged, Compact, Light weight, Vibration free, 100% Mobility, Cordless with Rechargeable battery, Desk top-cum charger, Rechareable battery provides more than 1000 charging cycles
  •  Integrated flip up adjustment optics. Optics to be tipped and locked at various position.
  •  Aperture and filter adjustment levers can be locked to the desired position.
  •  Locking apertures and filter adjustment (Safety clutch). Protect mechanism from the forced adjustment while in the lock position.
  •  Wide angle Diffuser. Light Illumination are within the limits (To Prevent Tissue Damages)  
  •  The lnstrumentis supported comfortably around and on top of the head by adjusting the headband sizing knob
  •  Ergonomically adjustment Headband
  •  Vertical light beam adjustment, Fine tuning of the illumination beam
  •  Synchronized Convergence & Parallax adjustment
  •  Rheostat control for Controlling LED illumination
  •  Diffuser to provide sort light, reducing glare and refluxes during examination
  •  Rechargeable battery Mounted on headband

Technical specifications :-

Focus distance Upto 800mm
Inter Pupillary distance 54 -75mm
Pupil size optics 1.00mm
Illumination LED illumination (No UV, No IR)
Field Good, Clear circular. High Contrast
Illumination spot size ⌀4.2mm, ⌀3.2mm, ⌀1.2mm (Large, Medium, Small)
Illumination area (at the distance 400mm) ⌀80mm, ⌀60mm, ⌀25mm
Illumination source LED Illumination on the instrument
Illumination control Linear control
Filters Red Free , Cobalt Blue & Yellow
Vertical adjustment +/-4°

Electrical Specifications :-

Power supply Input: 100-240V ac-50/60Hz 0.3A, Output: OC5V-2A
Light source LED 50,000 Hours Burning Time
Battery Rechargeable

Physical Parameter :-

Weight Net 650 g & Gross 2.1 Kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 240 x 210 x 130mm

Standard Accessories :-

Marking Pencils, Large & Small depressors(lndenter), Carrying case, Fundus chart, Portable Charger.