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  •   1978

    Introduced India's first low cost cryo surgical equipment for ophthalmology. Indian prices Rs.1800, whereas an equivalent imported unit costs Rs.20,000. Import of cryo surgical equipment in ophthalmology virtually had stopped fifteen years ago.
  •   1979

    Introduced world's first non-electric Vitrectomy unit in ophthalmology (another import substitute).This product is one of the most reliable one and virtually trouble free unit. We know many eminent surgeons use this Rs.18,000 unit instead of their imported unit.
  •   1980

    Started manufacturing and selling Keratometer. Our Keratometer AAK6 is an OEM supply, Market share in India is more than 95%.
  •   1985

    Priced imported units (as high as Rs.500,000). Import of Vitrectomy units has been reduced to minimum and virtually no one imports vitrectomy units since 1985. We also manufacture and sell electrical vitrectomy units with peristaltic pump for aspiration with linear suction.
  •   1987

    Started manufacturing Surgical Operating Microscopes. Since then, AAOM 10 is the largest selling Operating Microscope in India. We introduced our own optical head with five-step magnification, with facility for videography and photography in 1998. We also manufacture and sell microscopes for ENT, O&G and Plastic Surgery.
  •   1989

    1989 Started manufacturing and selling Slit Lamps. Photography and Videography models are also made available.
  •   1989

    1989 Started manufacturing multi piece Intra Ocular Lenses. The entire plant and machinery designed, fabricated and manufactured in India with our own know-how technology.
  •   1990

    1990 Started manufacturing and selling Indirect Ophthalmoscope.
  •   1992

    Started selling IOLs in 1992.
  •   1994

    1994 Introduced India's first Ophthalmic Nd.YAG Laser equipment. It is only one of its kind manufactured in India till today. Also started manufacturing and selling Streak Retinoscope.
  •   1995

    Started manufacturing and selling single piece IOLs in 1995.
  •   1995

    1995 Introduced India's first Phaco Emulsification Equipment for small incision sutureless surgery.
  •   1997

    On December 31, 1997 we completed ISO 9002 audit for Intra Ocular Lenses. AI Optics Limited, our INTRA OCULAR LENS manufacturing unit becomes an ISO 9002(Quality Systems and Requirements fulfilled) facility and certified by TUV, Germany on 17.03.1998.