Glaufield Lite®

Compact Design

The Glaufield Lite auto perimeter is designed with perfect ergonomics and compact size which is ideal for space constrained environment. Due to its compact design it can be flexibly positioned in any room according to the user needs.

User friendly field editor enables quick and simple creation of customized test.

GHT Analysis

Glaucoma Hemifield Test is an algorithm to conclude the Entire Interpretation and to imply the depth of defect in Single Line.

Flicker Perimetry

The Glaufield Flicker Perimetry function can be combined with any standard test, increasing the flexibility for use in private practice, hospital clinic or research.

Testing Patterns

The Appa Perimeters have a wide range of tests available to suit every need – Glaucoma, Full Field, Central 10, Central 30, Vertical Meridian, Ptosis, Peripheral, Macula, Driving Test and others.

Test Reliability Aspect

Fixation losses, False Positives & False Negatives Fixation can be maintained by HK (blind spot) or Mosaic Attention Monitor Methods.

Analysis Software

The field Explorer Version 4.0 software has been designed to be spontaneous and simple to use, even for operators with limited experience. The interactive menus are easy to use and provide extensive information reducing the time spent preparing reviewing and printing patient exams.

analysis software image