Single Spot Technology

The Amogh Smart is the green laser photo coagulator system designed with precision to treat retinal disorders using a single spot technology. Its effective touch screen interface allows easy access to the entire system providing efficient treatment to the patients.

Efficient Workflow

The in-built user interface and the LCD touch screen display allows quick access to the treatment parameters providing extremely fast treatment with instant reports thus maximizing the workflow efficiently.

Solid-State Technology

The patented solid-state technology in Amogh Smart ensures stable laser output providing reliable therapeutic laser beam for treating retinal diseases.

Unique Joystick

Electronic micro manipulator on the joystick ensures the ultimate in controlled safety. The motorized joystick provides an ease of use to the surgeon allowing an increased level of comfort during treatment.

Maximum Focus

The precise guidance of the aiming beam and the therapy beam guarantees optimum illumination on the site of treatment at all times whether it is in the far periphery or in the vicinity of the macula.

Safety Filters

True color and permanently inbuilt safety filters enable comfortable physician’s view and eliminates color distortion.

Magnificent Operative Design

The Amogh Smart provides an additional advantage to the users by providing LED illumination in the fiber optic cable connecting port, foot pedal & ON/OFF switch for their easy identification in the dark room. It also has an integrated voice confirmation technology providing better guidance to the user.

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (Optional Delivery System)

Amogh Smart is designed with LIO compatibility which is ideal for patients who are best examined and can be treated in supine position, including neonates, small children and disabled patients. The major advantage of this is it has a variable focus option which provides improved diagnosis.

Other features:

  • Vertical movement adjustment for illumination beam

  • Ultra view inbuilt eye safety laser filters provides a crystal clear view of developing lesions

  • Coaxial system of laser aiming beam along with white light illumination gives comfortable treatment

  • LIO can be made compatible for other selected lasers

  • True focus optical system

  • Small pupil adjustment

Endoprobes For Ophthalmic Endophotocoagulation (Optional Delivery System)

These disposable probes have prefect ergonomic design, straight & curved/angled tip which are pre-sterilized. It provides an easy entry through small gauge cannulas and its tapered curve provides excellent laser energy delivery.

Other features:

  • Available in 20G, 23G 25G & 27G series

  • Compatible for other selected laser photocoagulators

  • Reliable spot placement at far periphery