Model : AIO-7

Light-weight and Compact:

The AAIO Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope is engineered with an advanced light-weight material leading to a smaller and more compact instrument. It is combined with a soft cushioned and vibration free head band providing exceptional comfort to the user especially during long examination.

Long Battery Life

The Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope is designed with rechargeable battery, this allows continuous usage of the instrument upto to 5hrs without any interruption. It also provides more than 1000 charging cycles thus increasing the product efficiency effectively.

Flexible Optics

The high-contrast optics combined with LED light source offers sharper and clearer high-definition retinal images. The AAIO has an optics that can be tipped and locked at various positions providing maximum flexibility to the user.


The AAIO Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope has in-built multiple color filters and adjustable apertures in the optics to avoid harmful radiation. This device is free from UV or IR radiation as the LED light source emits energy in the range of 400-700 nm. Color Filters include Cobalt Blue and Green (Red Free)

Efficient Workflow

The main purpose of the AAIO binocular indirect ophthalmoscope is to provide efficient diagnosis. Since it is wireless it ensures easy viewing, providing flexible workflow.