Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier

Galaxy Pro Orbit

Touch, feel....the difference

Designed for maximum patient safety

In this advanced Phacoemulsification era, Galaxy Pro ORBIT is equipped with state of the art features which cater the need to handle any grade of Cataracts with utmost safety and efficiency standards.

Galaxy Pro ORBIT designed with new ultra sound technology and latest fluidics. Designed for maximum patient safety with short setup time and precise control of fluidics using a peristaltic pump with venturi effect.

Pro orbit image

Orbital Handpiece

This ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT ORBITAL phaco handpiece facilitates the Phaco Surgeon with a better tactile feel with comfortable maneuver capability during the Phacoemulsification process thus enabling 100 percent Patient safety and less fatigue for Surgeon's wrist after each surgery.

Handpiece image
  • High performance 6 crystal longitudinal & transverse (ORBITAL technique) ultrasonic piezoelectric titanium hand piece.
  • The hand piece offers cutting motion in two directions simultaneously
  • Powerful Emulsification for Any Grade.
  • Safe & effective ultrasound drive technology.
  • No Endothelial Damage under Hard Cataract Emulsification.
  • Designed with enhanced follow ability.
transverse image

This machine has an effective rise time 1, 2, & 3. Which increase the follow ability to some fraction of seconds.

rise time graph image

Phaco Modes

CONTINUOUS (CONT): Continuous ultrasound energy is delivered with no “off” period.

phaco mode image

PULSE MODE: Phaco- on time automatically followed by an equal amount of Phaco- off time. Effectively reduces the total amount of power delivered we can adjust the pulse range between 1-100 pulses / second.

pulse graph image

MPULSE / COLD PHACO: Micropulse technology allows you to use pulse durations as short as 1 to 10 ms.

mpulse graph image

BURST MODE: When set with a fixed power, is termed fixed burst mode. The fixed burst has 480 millisecond, 100% continuous power.

burst mode image

MBURST MODE: The Fixed Mburst has 480 ms 100% continuous power and on the further depression of the foot pedal the power becomes pulse and Micropulse.

mburst mode image

OCCLUSION PULSE (OPULSE): The power delivery is normally continuous, when vacuum Occluded, it becomes PULSE.

OCCLUSION MICROPULSE (OMPULSE): The adjustment parameter of flow, Phaco output and modulation method are vacuum dependent. The power delivery is normally pulse when vacuum Occluded, it becomes Micro pulse.


The features of Galaxy Pro Orbit System can be quickly accessed via the new easy-to-use Advanced ControlFoot Pedal, delivering customizable switching capabilities for all system functions with smooth positioning.

  • Different steps sensed by Vibrating mechanism
  • Multifunctional footswitch with user programmable for Angle, Side buttons & Customized Vibration timing
  • Change the parameters even the foot pedal is in ON condition
footswitch image


Phaco Handpiece

Handpiece image


Bi Manual I/A Probe

bimanual image


Co-Axial I/A Probe

coaxial image


Bi Polar chord & Forceps

Bipolar chord and Forceps
  • Portable & Light weight machine       
  • 10.4’’ clear view LCD with touch screen
  • Video overlay
  • Motorized IV pole with mobile trolley
  • MICS compatible
pro orbitPro orbit

Technical Specification




10.4" Interactive soft touch clear view LCD Display


Hand Piece

Light weight 6 Crystal Longitudinal & Transverse (ORBITAL motion)Frequency 28KHz

Phaco Modes

Continuous, Pulse, Micro pulse, Burst, MBurst, Occlusion micro pulse &Occlusion pulse

U/S Power



Fluid delivery

Gravity fed / Continuous / Foot operated

I/V pole

Motorized / Manual



Bipolar, 560 KHz frequency


1 - 7W (Max.)


5-100% (Linear/NON-Linear)


Cutter Type

Pneumatic (Guillotine) Single 60-3000 CPM (Linear/NON-Linear)20G, 23G & 25G compatible

Aspiration Modes


Peristaltic Pump in (Linear/Non-Linear)

Vacuum Level

5–650 mmHg in (Linear/Non-Linear)

Flow Rate

1-50 CC/min (Linear/NON-Linear)

Rise time

1, 2 & 3

User Programmable


10 independent user program modes

Operating Modes

U/S1, U/S2, U/S3, I/A1, I/A2, I/A3, CAPVAC, DIA, VIT

Voice Assistance

Voice assists for the all modes & functions


User programmable multifunctional foot pedal for angle & side buttons with reflux
mechanism, Different steps sensed by vibrating mechanism

Video Overlay

Video overlay enabled in all modes


420mm (L) X 440mm (B) X 195mm (H)


Console 9.5 KG, Accessories - 5Kg

Electrical Specification

Main power

110-230V AC



Current Rating


Power Rating