Auto Ref-Keratometer

Auto-ref keratometer image

Advanced Display System

Unique touch screen display allows the user to perform the procedure more conveniently and offers excellent visibility. The 7-inch color LCD screen with tilting function offers easy operation for the operator during the seating and standing position. The user interface has fine detail & quality.

advanced display system image

Enhanced Joystick Performance

AARK-IM uses a multidirectional joystick which provides extremely smooth operation without any strain on hand. The control key feature with a new easy-to-press design that provides a greater level of comfort for user virtually

Joystick image

Smart Data Transfer

The smart Bluetooth facility enables AARK-1M transfer measured data to any external Bluetooth enabled device like mobile phone, personal computers & other medical devices etc.

data transfer image

One Touch Locking Mechanism

The user can fasten the main body by advanced one-touch lock .The locking mechanism will ensure the firm locking of the main body.

one touch locking mechanism image

IOL Mode

After redesigning the whole system and making the improvement, even the cataract and IOL implanted patient can be measured.

iol mode image

Retro Illumination & Anterior Imaging

This is a very special feature which allows the user to take photographs of eyes with cataract. This helps in counseling the patient for further procedures.

illumination image

Refractometry & Keratometry Measurement

AARK-1M provides an extensive dioptric measurement range from -25D to +22D for refractometry in steps of 0.12 and .25D.The radius of curvature for keratometry is from 0.5 ,0.12 and 0.25D.This operation allows the user to obtain results immediately and conveniently.

refractometry measurement image

CLBC(Contact Lens Base Curve)

Base curve of hard contact lens can be measured using contact lens holder.

CLBC image

Efortless Measurement

Measurement can be taken easily by moving the two cursors on the display to the boundary of cornea or pupil.This is useful for deciding the diameter of a contact lens and for other contact lens fittings.

advanced display system image

Motorized Chinrest

Motorized chinrest allows the operator to align the examinee eye with the eye mark up/down button which is placed on the lower base of the body

Motirized chinrest image

Faster Printouts

By simple touch print icon, the results can be obtained immediately after the measurement is taken with the in-built printer

faster printouts image

Color Fixation Targets

A scenic color photo target will allow the examinee to be in a relaxed state, thereby making the eye fixation easier for both children and patient with difficult eyes.

pointer image