LCD Digital Visual Acuity Chart



Advanced Display System

The I chart hd smart uses 22 inches high resolution led back light display. Its advanced display system provides optimal visualization and accurate results to the user.

Contrast Ratio

The I chart hd smart allows the users the control the contrast ratio as per the patient needs.

Contrast Ratio image

Testing Various Distances

Wide range of optotypes and tests are available. Among all the optotypes the followings are used frequently

Lea Numbers image

Lea Numbers

The lea numbers were designed by lea hyvärinen which consists of five numbers 5, 6, 9, 8, 3, 2, 0 of the same size of snellen letters. The lea numbers can be used for people who are unfamiliar with english alphabets.


This option displays any optotype from the english language.

Alphabet image
Peadiatric chart image

Tumbling E

In 1976 taylor created a chart using a single optotype, a stylized letter e, in various orientations to test visual acuity of australian aborigines. This has become standard for testing of illiterates and populations not familiar with the roman alphabet.

Peadiatric chart image


We use pediatric chat for testing pediatric patients. The picture tests are used in the assessment of children's visual acuity. The commonly recognizable pictures like chocolate, shirt, ice cream, and cup were included in it.

snellen eye chart

The Snellen Eye Chart

Eye doctors have utilized the snellen eye chart since its development in 1862. Traditionally, this eye chart contains eleven lines of block letters. The first line of the snellen eye chart simply has the large capital “e” at the top. Each additional row contains more letters, but the letters are smaller than those found in the previous row. In order to complete this test, the patient must cover one eye. He or she then reads the letters out loud from each row, starting with the top row.


ETDRS stands for early treatment diabetic retinopathy study. The etdrs test is designed to eliminate inaccuracies in the snellen and sloan tests. Etdrs acuity testing has become the worldwide standard for visual acuity testing, replacing the snellen and sloan acuity tests.

etdrs test image

Language Types

High resolution test images are available in 14 different languages including english.

language types image

Special Charts

language types imagelanguage types imagelanguage types imagelanguage types imagelanguage types imagelanguage types imagelanguage types image