Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier - Appasamy Galaxy Robot

Galaxy Robot

Entire System for
Posterior & Anterior

A Complete
Vitreo Retinal

  • Fast start up & user friendly

  • Innovative advanced technology for both vitreo retinal and cataract surgery in a single system Ultra Sharp Valved & Non-Valved Trocar Entry System 23G, 25G

  • Most advanced LED Illuminator provides state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues very sharp Integrated and stable IP (Infusion pressure)

  • High-Speed BI-BLADE cutter 23G, 25G

  • Toggle between regular infusion pressure to higher infusion pressure with the help of touch and footswitch control Separate Aspiration Line For Extrusion Mode

  • Automatic fluid air exchange (faxJ. system has facility to change fluid to air to fluid automatically with the help of touch and footswitch control

  • Surgeon control infusion pressure and fluid air exchange in single touch and foot operate Programmable cutting and aspiration

  • Longitudinal and Transverse phaco probe

  • Longitudinal fragmentome probe

bi-blade vitrectomy cutter's dual-edge blade doubles the effective procedures. With the consistent flow provided by the design and cut rate over single-edge vitrectomy cutters, allowing for faster 100% open duty cycle, surgeons can feel confident in the ability to shave more closely to the retina, perform dissections and remove intraocular tissues.

bi blade
bi blade

Experience the Bi-Blade Vitrectomy

  • The vitreous cutters offer superior cutting forces and the Bi-Blade cut rates up to 2OO4O CPM

  • Traditional single-Blade cutter up to IOO2O CPM

  • High speed cuts with dual linear function

  • Pneumatic driven cutter with 23G, 25G, 27G compatible Permits working close to retina without traction

  • Minimizing turbulence and fluttering of tissue

  • User Programmable setting VU, VIT2, VIT3 (Core, Shave, Peripheral trimming) Fast & smooth aspiration in higher cutting speed

  • Completely latest MIVS technique

  • Another key advantage of using the GALAXY ROBOT is the Provision to use double port ( VIT A / VIT B) Vitrectomy cutter

LED Illumination Control

  • More bright white and homogenous is being offered for visualizing tissues.

  • Dual LED illumination with easy switch over in single touch for Chandelier Illumination system.

  • Ergonomic non-slip design & Convenient 2.4 meters long fiber optic probes.

  • Focus point straight & wide angle view.

  • Designed to significantly reduce glare with less temperature. Smooth rounded distal end for easier insertion of the probe. Independent Illumination and control of either port.

  • Higher Brightness compared to conventional halogen light source

led illumination control

Ultra Sharp Trocar Entry System

  • Appasamy ultra sharp high performance valved cannulas system provides a secure and stable environment for IOP maintenance comes with four  Trocar cannulas in single pack for chandelier use.

  • Infusion cannula with advanced design that mechanically confirms retention and provides for  substantially higher (>50%) achievable infusion flow rates compared with non-valved polyimide cannulas, facilitating improved IOP control.

  • A secure closed fluidic system, minimizing IOP fluctuations during instrument exchange.

  • A long taper tip creates a slit wound design and better wound sealing.

  • Self-sealing valves that are surgeon removable, allow vent leakage at infusion pressure.

ultra sharp trocar

In Build Green Laser

  • Ergonomic design with straight & curved/angled tip

  • Pre-sterilized & disposable probes

  • Available in 23G,25G & 27G series

  • Easy entry through small gauge cannulas

  • Tapered curve for excellent laser energy delivery

  • Reliable spot placement at far periphery

  • Repeat, Single & Continuous mode

green lasergreen laser

Silicone Oil Injection & Extraction

  • Pneumatic drive for Silicone Oil injection (SOI) with linear/non linear control adjustable pressure 1 to 100 PSI

  • Vacuum controlled Silicone Oil Extraction (SOE) with linear/non linear control adjustable vacuum 5 to 650mmHg

  • Separate cannulas for Injection & Extraction

  • Quick & safe for injection & extraction of 1000 to 5000cst oil density

silicone injectionfragmatome


The features of Galaxy Robot System can be quickly accessed via the new easy-to-use Advanced Control Foot Pedal, delivering customizable switching capabilities for all system functions with smooth positioning.

  • Different steps sensed by Vibrating mechanism 

  • Multifunctional footswitch with user programmable for Angle, Side buttons &  Customized Vibration timing

  • Change the parameters even the foot pedal is in ON condition

  • Provision to use single foot switch for all modes including Green Laser


Realtime Fludics

Appasamy Associates latest technological innovative Realtime ftuidics system for chamber maintenance.

  • Automatic IP control depend on preset vacuum

  • Can also choose customized Target IP control

realtime fluidicsrealtime fluidics

Orbit Cool Technique

The energy management capabilities of variable ORBIT COOL Technique provide surgeons with the ability to manage cutting power and efficiency to meet their individual preferences. Galaxy Leo uses real-time fluidics & ORBIT COOL Technique for safer & more predictable surgery.

Orbitcool duty cycles are expressed as ON/OFF time pulse, to achieve a desired duty cycle.

When the variable ORBITCOOL technique is used, different duty cycles are applied as the foot pedal moves through the power delivery zone. The power zone is each quadrant has variable.

phaco power zone
  • Four different types of Duty cycle on phaco power zone position in footpedal
  • Ascending & Descending order with variable Duty cycle
  • Can also create custom Duty cycle ON/OFF Time
  • Surgeon control the Duty cycle variation based on the cataract type
on off graph image

Technical Specification




19” Tiltable & Anti-Glare Interactive soft touch clear LCD Display



Light weight, 6 crystal, longitudinal effective hand piece, frequency 28khz

Phaco Modes

Orbitcool, Continuous, Pulse, Micro pulse, Burst, Mburst, Occlusion micropulse, Occlusion Pulse

U/S Power



Light weight, 6 crystal, longitudinal, transverse (orbital motion) hand piece, Frequency 28khz


Fluid Delivery

Realtime fluidics, Forced infusion(5 To 120mmHg) Gravity fed, Continuous / Foot operated

I/V Pole

Motorized IV Pole



Compatible both Endo Exo Diathermy


Bipolar, 560khz Frequency 1-7W (Max)




Cutter Type

Pneumatic (guillotine) single, 60-10020CPM (linear/non-linear) 23g, 25g compatible

Aspiration Modes


Venturi, Pressurized gas or Compressor feed

Vacuum Level

5–650 mmHg in (Linear/Non-Linear)

Electrical Specification

Main power

110-230V AC



Current Rating

1.5 Amps

Power Rating

350 VA (MAX)

User Programmable


10 Independent user program modes

Operating Modes

VIT1, VIT2, VIT3, Extrusion, Laser, SOI/SOE, Dia, Frag, Phaco1, Phaco2, Phaco3, I/A1, I/A2, Capvac

Voice Assistance

Voice assists for the all modes & functions


User programmable multifunctional foot pedal for angle & side buttons with reflux mechanism, Different steps sensed by vibrating mechanism 

Video Overlay

Video overlay  recording function enabled in all modes

Green Laser

Treatment Laser

Diode pumped, Frequency doubled, True CW and solid state

Wave Length


Laser Module Capacity


Aiming Beam

635nm, semiconductor Diode laser


Thermo electric cooling (peltier) + air cooled

Life Time

10,000 working hours

Treatment Laser Safety

Class IV

Physical Parameters


180cm (H) X 72.5cm (B) X 55cm (L)


Console - 90Kg, Accessories – 40Kg



Two independent led light source


10 – 100%

Fluid Air Exchange

Pressure Source

Air pressure 5 – 100mmHg

Silicone Oil Control

Injection Mode

Pressure 1 to 100PSI

Extraction Mode

Vacuum 5 to 650 mmHg

Designs and details are subject to change without prior notice for the purpose of product developmen