FS - 1


The AAMO Legend Truglow FS-1 has a converging binocular optical head with precise optics. The major advantage of this microscope is that it allows deep light penetration, provides greater visibility and better diagnostic perception. Its optics offers a higher quality view with improved efficiency to doctor's working conditions.

Ideal Light Source

The integrated led illumination emits a light beam that penetrates even in the most unapproachable areas during the surgical procedures, thus illuminating your field of view with uniformity.

Tiltable Eye Piece

When work surfaces are set at elbow height to facilitate hand operations, the tiltable eyepiece allows the doctor to set the microscope's eyepiece height to achieve a good ergonomic neutral posture. Adjustability eliminates raised shoulders and bent necks, which can cause discomfort.

C-Mount With Hd Camera

It has an uhd digital camera integrated with seamless designed microscope capable of streaming high resolution video.

Enhanced Magnification

The aamo legend truglow fs-1 provides continuous zoom magnification varying from 0.4x to 2.4x. To improve surgeon convenience the control knobs are located on the sides of the microscope head for selecting the desired magnification. Sterilizable protectors are attached on the magnification changer knobs and the microscope positioning handle.

X-Y Coupling Unit

The ±60mm stroke both in x and y directions allow the surgeon to cover an extensive area during the cataract surgery. With the introduction of an upgraded x-y coupling, reliability in positioning has been improved.

Robust Base Assembly

The aamo legend truglow fs-1 has a solid state mobile floor stand with castor locks that arrest the axial and rotary movement. It also has a stand with counter balanced weight that can withstand the weight of suspension arms.

Foot Switch

Foot controller is the default selection where the zoom function of the microscope and the x-y coupling are selected. The foot controller allows 8-way operations: main lamp on, main lamp off, x direction movement, y direction movement, focusing up, focusing down, zoom up and zoom down.

Footswitch image