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Refractor Head - Manual

Measurement of Spherical and Cylindrical features

Model : AA 201

Subjective type Refraction Testing Equipment manual Refactor with High Quality Lenses. Smooth, accurate measurement of Spherical and Cylindrical features, superb range of Auxiliary Lenses  Unique Cross Cylinder Configurations, Convergence System allows Optimal patient Examination  Both side of the lenses are Anti-Reflection Coated


Measurement Range

Spherical power

-19.00 D to +16.75 D  in 0.25 D step

Cylinder  power

0  to -6.0 D  and  0  to -8.0 D ( with auxiliary cylinder lens at -2 D)


0.25 D

Cylinder Axis

0° to 180° in 5° step

Cross Cylinder

±0.25 D

Rotatory Prism

0 to 20△ in 1 △ step

Pupillary Distance  adjustment

50 to 75 mm in 1mm step

Forehead Rest adjustment

16 mm

Vertex Distance

13.75 mm

Finish Color

Gray &  black

Content of Auxiliary Lens Dial

open aperture


retinoscopic lens +1.5 D


polarizing lens (45°-left eye & 135°-right eye)


maddox rod- horizontal  white (left) red (right)


maddox rod- vertical  white (left) red (right)


green lens


red lens


pin hole



Physical Parameters


340 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 290 mm (H)


net 5.0 Kg and gross 7 Kg