AB scan with UBM



Enhanced Diagnosis

The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM uses the conventional A-scan pattern recognition program for the axial length measurement. It utilizes ultrasound waves of 10MHz frequency for the diagnosis. The built-in fixation LED for patient Target of Accuracy Reading.

Iol Calculator

The IOL calculator is easy to use and includes all formulas, including SRK – T, SRK – II, Holladay, Binkhorst, ( Hoffer Q : Price on Request ), Haigis, and Post Refraction Formulae. This system provides quick and accurate calculations.


High Resolution Imaging Technology

The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM produces reliable and completely focused B-mode image without any degradation of resolution. It has a unique technology which eliminates artifacts and allows deep penetration without any impact in image quality. It has a high resolution display system for effective diagnosis.

High resolution technology imageHigh resolution technology imageHigh resolution technology image

B-Scan Modes

There are 3 basic B-Scan modes provided by the equipment which enhances the diagnosis in the targeted area. The following are the types of modes for specific applications

Orbit Mode: Orbital muscle related Diagnosis can be done in this mode.

Vitreous Mode: Detailed Vitreous related Diagnosis can be done in this mode.

Retina Mode: In this mode the entire Posterior segment of the eye is viewed with greater details.

B-Scan Mode image

Good Image Quality

With the latest probe technology MARVEL II AB scan with UBM produces high resolution image for accurate diagnosis. There are 3 ranges of probes are available for B-scan

10 MHz: This probe allows deep penetration and provides low resolution image usually helps in viewing entire eye structure.


12 MHz: his probe allows deep penetration and provides low resolution image usually helps in viewing entire eye structure.


20 MHz: This probe produces high resolution image but penetration is shallow so this kind of probes are used in anterior view of posterior segment.

Advance Feature

Post Processing Gain: The specialized post processing gain setting allows the user to adjust the gain value even in the image freeze mode, whereas in other equipments this is possible only in live recording.

AB Scans Capability: The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM has an advance capability of displaying A vector as spike image for the corresponding B scan image recorded which simplifies the diagnosis.

Flood Fill Colour: The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM software is designed with unique feature which allows highlighting the grayscale image with a color for a specific segment to improve the efficiency of the diagnosis.

TGC Mode: In this setting, gain can be adjusted in a specific portion of the image Live (or) after capturing.

Advance Feature image

High Quality Image Recording

The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM  allows recording 600 frames per cine(Total 600* 100 =6000 frames) by providing motion picture diagnosis.

Improved Recording System

This device provides high quality video recording function. The major advantage of this feature is that frame by frame image can be captured from the video recorded and gain mode application can be used for the corresponding frames.


High Quality Probe Technology

The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM is designed with high quality probe technology with two interchangeable transducers in single probe. There are 2 ranges of Transducers 35MHz and 50MHz provided for high resolution anterior segment Diagnosis.

Probs image

Sulcus To Sulcus Measurement

Sulcus to sulcus measuremnt is very crucial in determining the size of the IOL.Accurate sulcus to sulcus measurement can be obtained through proper probe placement.


The MARVEL II AB scan with UBM provides two different methods for anterior segment diagnosis.

Contact method: This is patient convenient method and it is useful for any infected cases.

Immersion method: This method is used regularly.

Method imageMethod imageMethod imageMethod image

Measurement : Angle, Distance caliper, Area, Distance with A-Scan spikes, Probe orientation and Arrow tools.

Image Exporting: JPEG,BMP,TIFF,GIF,PNG

Report Exporting: PDF, HTML,MHT,RTF,
TXT and Image.

 Data can Export to EMR software.

Laser Jet Printer.

Latest Micro form factor system with 2 TB HDD,8GB RAM & Windows 10 pro software

UBM image

Technical Specification

A-Scan Specification


10MHZ with Fixation Light

Scan Mode

Manual & Auto

Scan Method

Contact & Immersion

Gain Control

0% to 100%

IOL Formulas

SRKII, SRK T, Holladay 1, Binhorst II, Haigis,( Hoffer Q : Price on Request )

Refraction Formulas

Clinical History Method, Contact Lens, Rosa, SRK-T.Shammas

Lens Type

Aphakic, Dense Cataract, Phakic, Pseudo ( Acrylic, PMMA, SILICONE ), Silicon oil

Patient Record

Name, MRD, Gender, DOB, Dr's comments

IOL Configuration

More then 200

Axial Length Measurement



Any PC support standard printer ( Laser, Deskjet, etc...

Data Exporting

jpeg, pdf, Html, Rtf, Xls, Xlsx, Csv, Text, Image Tfile

Patient Record Storage

Data stored in system hard disk (1TB)

B-Scan with UBM Specification


-128 to +128


Near, Mid, Far ( User adjustable slider )

B - Scan Probe

12 MHZ ( Optional : 10 MHZ, 20 MHZ )


35MHZ (Optional : 50MHZ)

Scan Angle for

20 to 60 degree ( B-Scan ), 20 to 35 degree ( UBM )

Vector density and sampling

256 vectors X 2048 points / per vector

View Zone

30mm to 60mm ( B-Scan ), 15 to 18mm ( UBM )

Data Base Dimensions

1Mb / Image

Measurement Tools

Angle, Caliper and Area

Other Tools

Arrow mark, Probe Orientation and Text annotation

A/B Scans Capability

A-Scan vector available as overlay on B-mode Images


Adjustable to tissue or material being imaged

Gray Scale


Flood fill Colour

Fill the false Colour for differentiate the image seqmen


Gray levels

Image Capture Rate


Video Recording

Avi format, Cine

Image Buffer

600 Frames per cine ( Total 600 X 10= 6000 Frmaes )

Image exporting


Report exporting

jpeg, pdf, Html, MHT, Rtf, Xls, Xlsx, Csv, Text, Image

System Control Input Devices

USB Keyboard, Mouse & Foot Pedal