Fundus Camera

  Model : AAFFA 01
Retinal Imaging System


  • Colour Fundus with FFA images obtained at a high resolution Digital Camera
  • High sensitivity CMOS image sensor for superior image quality .
  • User friendly alignment and focus by split line and working distance dots
  • Simple control software for Image acquisition, Processing and Patient database storage
  • Avoids Patient's eye dilation time since it uses nonmydriatic technology
  • 100% Patient co-operation obtained during image capture because of Patient friendly IR illuminating source

Technical specification:

Fundus observation

IR LED source

Focussing method

split line alignment

Working distance

35mm Two bright dots alignment

Image acquisition

18 Megapixel DSLR camera

Fixation target

External & Internal both

Field of view

45 degree

Photography method

Xenon Flash Tube

Minimum pupil size


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