SupraPhob BBY


SupraPhob BBY is a hydrophobic yellow color intraocular lens made of premium quality Biocompatible Acrylic material. Fabricated by the State of the Art of the Technology machine with Froze-tumble polish. Uncomplicated Preloaded system of SupraPhob Lens is easy and enjoyable feel to implant the Hydrophobic Acrylic Lens safer.

Special Features

  • The advanced IOL design of SupraPhob BBY yields excellent stability, so that even after the shrinkage of the Capsular Bag, the IOL remains well centered

  • The advanced 360° Square Edge technology makes SupraPhob BBY Lens PCO free

  • The UV blocking Chromophores of SupraPhob BBY protects the retina from UV lights

  • Each Supraphob BBY is individually tested for high MTF which increases the accuracy & the quality of every IOL to its best.

Preloaded System

Technical Specification


SPNT  300-PL

Overall Length

13.00 mm

Optic Diameter

6.00 mm

Haptic Angulation

Optic Design


Diopter Range

4D to 30D (0.5 Diopter)


Hydrophobic Acrylic

Delivery System

Preloaded system

Special Features

Aspheric Optics & 360° Square Edge

A Constant

Ultrasound - Contact : 118.8
Optical Biometry : 119.1