Supra Phob Infocus

Natural Yellow Hydrophobic Foldable IOL

About Supra Phob Infocus

Supraphob Infocus is a New Generation Hydrophobic Foldable IOL. Supraphob Infocus provides extended depth of focus thereby imparting the intermediate, distance and near vision with minimum incidence of Glare and Halos when compared to Multifocal IOLs.

Supraphob Infocus IOL is made up of Hydrophobic Acrylic material with Natural Yellow Chromophore to protects from UV and other harmful radiations. Its 360° square edge design prevents PCO formation.


In Supraphob Infocus IOL the central small aperture refractive element gives increased depth of focus for near vision and simulate accommodation. Progressive refractive aspheric elements towards the periphery provides clear distance & intermediate vision.

Supra phob technology image

By using ray tracing method in the MTF, an optical model of Supraphob Infocus IOL was implemented in FRED for evaluation

Simulation Results

The function of defocus showed in the MTF data is generated by Optical simulation (Snellen fraction)

Light Distribution

When the micron sized light rays hits smoothly on edge of the central zone, the light rays bends without any reflection, thus, eliminates scattering of light and this state of art patented technology reduces the glare for the patient.

Defocus Curve

Comparison of Defocus Curve Monofocal & Multifocal

Supraphob Infocus IOL Defocus curve proves the Extended depth of focus

Clinical Results

Quality & Accuracy

• Each “ Supraphob Infocus ” is individually tested with Optical bench system called IOLA-MFD for power, quality and MTF for testing near and far focal points

• Higher MTF Values, higher the contrast from all distances &under all lighting conditions.

Salient Features

• Crystal clear distance and acceptable near and intermediate vision improves the functional visual ability because of EDOF (Extended depth of Focus)

• Unique single Zone Optic Design facilitates “ Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity ”with true Multifocality effect thus, reduces Glare and Halos

• Absence of Multiple Zone enhances excellent fundus visibility

• Bilateral implantation of Supraphob Infocus cohesively works with neurological adaptation of the brain which results in better vision



Hydrophobic Acrylic Yellow Chromophore

Anterior Design


Refractive EDOF

Posterior Design


360° Enhanced Square Edge with Aspheric Optics

Optic Size


6.00 mm

Overall Size


13.00 mm

A Constant


Ultrasound - Contact :  118.8
Optical Biometry         :  119.1

Diopter Range


+7.0 D to +30.0 D ( with 0.5 steps)

Refractive Index








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