Supra Phob Toric


SupraphobToric is the next generation Toric IOL, made up of premium quality biocompatible Yellow color Hydrophobic Acrylic material with the refractive index of 1.49. It is fabricated by Nano Technology Polish Free High Technology Machine.

• The non-touch preloaded system makes IOL implantation simple
• Each curvature on the Toric has an Aspherical Design
• Markings are made on the anterior surface corresponding to the flat meridian of the lens
• Each marking is made by the diamond tool at 4.5 mm of the optic for easy viewing and positioning

Special Features

  • Ultraviolet Filtering Chromophores for better protection of Retina from UV light

  • State of the art technology of SupraphobToric makes sure that its optical performance is equal to that of a natural, young, crystalline lens

  • The BLUE BLOCKING YELLOW feature prevents ARMD

Astigmatism Correction

  • Supraphob Toric’s Astigmatism correction IOL is available from +10.00D to +30.00D; the difference between any two Dioptres being 0.50D

  • The AppaToric IOL calculator compensates for the expected Surgically Induced Astigmatism and directly impacts the amount of and/or the axis of Post-Incisional Astigmatism that has to be corrected

Toric IOL Calculator

  • Considers the effect of Incision Location and Surgically Induced Cylinder to make a more precise calculation

  • Determines the correct IOL model and Optimal Axis Placement of the IOL in the capsular bag

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toric calculator image
Supra Phob Toric image

Technical Specification

Optic Diamter


Overall Length


Optic Design

Biconvex, Aspheric Toric on anterior surface

A Constant

Ultrasound-  Contact: 118.8
Optical Biometry: 119.1

Diopter Range

Spherical: 10.00D to 30.00D(0.5D increment)
Cylinder: 1.50D to 6.00D


Yellow Hydrophobic Acrylic


Dual Haptic,0° angulation prevents rotation after implants

Refractive Index


Delivery System

Ready to inject preloaded

Special Features

Aspheric Optics & 360° Square Edge

Supra phob toric graph diagram