Swiss Phob IOL is an Advanced Monofocal Aspheric lens. The new refractive Anterior Surface of the lens has  Higher-Order Aberration.
Swiss Phob IOL design improves intermediate vision, while distance vision remains similar to that achieved with a standard Monofocal.
Swissphob IOL delivers 30% better image contrast in low lighting Conditions at 5 mm Pupil size than a typical Monofocal lens. At the same time, it offers a low incidence of dysphotopsia.

Represent the MTF and Power in Each aperture (1-4) and also it shows the power transformation from centre to peripheral.

Need for Swiss Phob IOL

Swiss Phob IOL design offers more intermediate and slightly more near vision than a standard Monofocal IOL. It reduces spectacle dependency for computer use and mobile/tablet viewing. Some may require reading glasses for prolonged use.


It is a unique design that consists of a continuous and higher-order aspheric surface, and there is a very slight, gradual central steepening.

Defocus Curve

Swiss Phob IOL - Defocus curve proves the enhanced intermediate vision and some good near vision.

defocus curve

Clinical Results

swiss phob clinical result graph

Quality & Accuracy

Each “Swiss Phob IOL " are tested individually with an Optical bench system called IOLA -MFD for power, quality, and MTF for testing near and far focal points.

quality and assurance image

Salient Features

Crystal-clear distance and enhanced intermediate vision improve functional visual ability due to unique Q- Value.
Swiss Phob |IOL enhances Contrast Sensitivity and reduces Glare and Halos Bilateral Implantation of Swiss Phob IOL cohesively works with the neurological adaptation of the brain,which results in better vision.



Hydrophobic Acrylic yellow chromophore

Optical Design

Refractive Aspheric Optic

Optic Size

6.00 mm

Overall Size

13.00 mm

Estimated A constant

118.8(U/S) / 119.1(Optical)

Dioptre Range

+7.00Ds to +30.00Ds (with 0.5 steps)

Refractive Index