slit lamp

MODEL : AIA-11 2S-L | AIA-11 3S-L | AIA-11 5S-L | AIA-11 ZOOM-L

Optimum Functionality

Stereotype microscope for easy binocular image fusion & fatigue free analysis of anterior segment. The converging binocular head provides more easy posture which improves the comfort during long time diagnosis.Precise optics for wide field of view, accuracy and best for analyzing color aberration.

Multiple Magnification Slit Lamp

Wide range of magnification from 6x to 40x which is easily operated by rotating the drum in 3 step and 5 step slit lamp and a lever type for 2 step slit lamp. Combination of multiple magnification and precise optics offering more accurate analysis without any image distortion. High eye point 12.5x eye piece for 3 step & 5 step optical head. High eye point 10x piece for 2 step optical head.

Color Filters And Apertures

Multiple color filters for fluorescein visualization on the ocular surfaces. Color filters are cobalt blue, green, red free and heat absorbing & nd filter Aperture sizes from 0.2, 1,3, 4, 6, 10 & 14mm in diameters for the extensive field view.

Superior Led Illumination

Proven light source with an optimum color temperature & low heat output for incredible performance. The spectrum of the led allows the physician to see minute structures on the ocular surfaces, which is far better than halogen.

Operational Friendly

Base assembly mounted with omni style joystick for effortless movement & convenient reach to the intensity knobs to enhance usability.


Model : AIA-11 3S-L & AIA-11 5S-L

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Slit AIA 11 image


Model : AIA-11 2S-L

AIA 11 zoom -L image


Model : AIA-11 Zoom-L